Headlight "Eyebrow" Painting Service (Customer Supplied Parts)

Eyebrow Material: ABS Plastic
Sale price£77.95

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*** Please note these items will not appear as 'in stock' because they require the customer to send us their parts - please contact us if you would like to place an order ***

Give your vehicle Headlight "Eyebrows" the custom finish with our professional painting service.

Eyebrows can be painted in the following colours (other colours may be available for an additional charge):

  • Race Red
  • Frozen White
  • Spirit Blue
  • Panther Black
  • Molten Orange*
  • Deep Impact Blue
  • ST200 'Storm Grey
  • Performance Blue
  • New Performance Blue
  • Magnetic Grey
  • Mean Green
  • Silver Fox
  • Gloss Black
  • Nitro (Nitrous) Blue
  • Stealth Grey
  • Tangerine Scream**


Customer Supplied Parts

Pricing is subject to the conditions below:

The parts must either be brand new or in very good condition.  We may be able to undertake the work on well used parts but the price may vary if additional preparation work is involved.

The parts have not been painted or hydrodipped previously.

The parts are manufactured from Fibreglass or ABS plastic (please contact us if unsure).  Pricing differs by material as additional work is involved in preparing fibreglass parts to reduce the amount of 'pinholes' in the finish that can only be seen once the parts have been prepared for painting.

Return courier shipping would be an additional £9.95.

 Our shipping address can be found here.

Please note that these items are finished to order so shipping will be up to 10 working days from receipt of parts (possibly slightly longer during busy periods).  Please contact us for further information.

* Please note that there may be a very slight colour variance compared to the Ford vehicle colour.  We try our very best to ensure a perfect match but colours can sometimes vary due to them being painted at a different time to the vehicle.

** Additional charge due to paint cost.

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