Dress up parts

At Paintmodz Proform Ltd we manufacture high quality dress up parts in a range of finishes to suit all requirements and budgets.  Whether you are looking to replicate a factory finish, would like to add a splash of colour (including colour coding to the vehicle) or are looking for something completely unique and bespoke, we have a finish for you.

The Easy Way To Elevate Your Engine Styling

Our parts have been designed to simply stick over the factory part with high quality adhesives that have been thoroughly tested.  All* our parts are safe to leave on the car at all times under normal driving conditions**.  This means whilst the parts are easy to remove for servicing purposes, they do not have to be placed on and off each time you attend a show.

* Excludes an engine cover for one particular Ford ecoboost engine only – this part is listed as ‘Show Only’ in product title and description.  ** We recommend removing our parts if running your vehicle on a race track.


Our textured 'OEM' finish replicates the look of standard grey vehicle plastics (both internal and external).  Parts manufactured in this finish replicate the textured material used in the vehicle from factory.

This finish is ideal for people looking to create an ‘OEM Plus’ look, offering important engine bay components a little more protection from the elements whilst creating clean and tidy lines in the engine bay. 



Our smooth for painting finish is ideal for people who wish to paint the parts themselves.  As the name suggests, the finish is smooth which means minimal preparation work is required before the parts can be painted. Smooth for painting is a fantastic choice for people who are working on a project and enjoy the satisfaction of completing the work themselves without the risk of damaging the factory parts.

When painted or hydrodipped, these parts provide a higher quality and longer lasting finish than their factory counterparts (where applicable). This is because factory parts are often heavily textured and many other suppliers do not take the time to remove this texture which produces a finish that looks good at first, but ‘sinks’ over time as the textured pattern begins to show back through the print.

We would always recommend checking this with your hydrodipper before instructing them to carry out work for you.

If you are a hydrodipper that may be interested in purchasing our parts, we may be able to offer discounts to trade customers.  Please email info@paintmodz.co.uk for details.



These high gloss finishes are a great, cost-effective way of adding some colour to your engine bay/vehicle without the costs associated with painting or hydrodipping. These high gloss covers really will make your engine bay show ready. 

Whilst our coloured plastic ranges are not able to provide a perfect match to all vehicle colours (as they are a coloured plastic rather than a painted finish), our Gloss Red and Gloss White plastics are closely matched to Ford’s Race Red and Frozen White respectively. Our other colours include Blue, Black, Yellow, Purple, Orange and Grey.

At Paintmodz.co.uk we offer a range of discounted engine bay dress up ‘bundles’ that allow each part to be customised in the colour/finish of your choice so you really can make your bay look exactly how you want it! 


Dress Up Parts Available Finishes


These high gloss finishes are ideal for those looking to recreate the look of carbon fibre, without the associated costs and/or work involved in ‘skinning’ parts.  We currently offer two such finishes – ‘Carbon Fibre Effect’ and our premium ‘Deluxe Carbon Fibre Effect’.

Whilst both provide a representative look of Carbon Fibre, the finishes are noticeably different so please check web listing photos carefully, particularly if buying parts to match those previously purchased.


Dress Up Parts Available Finishes


Most of our parts are available in a range of concourse quality painted finishes.  In many cases we are able to offer vehicle colour matched parts and stock most colours for modern performance Ford Fiesta, Focus and Puma models.  We are also able to source paint colours for other Fords and indeed vehicles across our other ranges (Hyundai i20 & i30, Volkswagen Golf & Caddy, Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio etc) as a custom order.  If your vehicle colour is not listed on our website, we may be able to source it to order. Please email info@paintmodz.co.uk for details.

We also offer a painting service for a plethora of automotive parts.  From headlight ‘eyebrows’ and radiator grilles to brake discs and windscreen wiper arms, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality finish.

See our custom paintwork gallery for inspiration and/or email info@paintmodz.co.uk for details.



Most of our parts are available in a range of concourse quality hydrodip finishes.  We have access to a wide variety of hydrographic designs (not just those listed on our website) and can also offer bespoke prints as a custom order.

These options allow fully customised, one of a kind parts that will ensure your engine bay stands out from the rest!  Take a look at our custom hydrodipping gallery for inspiration and/or email info@paintmodz.co.uk for details.

Unlike many other hydrodippers, we always ensure any textured parts are fully prepped back to create a smooth surface before we apply any paint or hydrographic film.

Whilst this takes more time, a failure to do so produces a finish that looks good at first, but ‘sinks’ over time as the textured pattern begins to show back through the print.  We genuinely believe our Hydrodip finishes are second to none!