Proform Engine Bay Dress Up Kit (various colours) - Volvo C30 / V50 Petrol

Finish: Smooth (for Painting)
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Tidy up your engine bay with a Proform Engine Bay Dress Up Kit. These kits are designed to fit over the top of your existing covers and are secured in place using high quality adhesive Velcro so there is no need to remove your OE covers. Supplied in smooth plastic, the items come ready to be prepared, sanded and painted / hydrodipped. Textured plastic is also available for the OE factory look. These items are now also available in a range of coloured plastics, including our gloss carbon fibre effect plastic and gloss black plastic. The covers have been manufactured from coloured material rather than prepped, painted and lacquered. Please bear in mind before purchasing that these are not perfectly colour matched to the vehicle colours.

A registered and bespoke design to us, each cover has been carefully thought through so they are easy to prep, sand, paint and polish with no awkward tricky corners and recesses. The covers can simply be removed for servicing or should you fancy changing the theme of your engine bay.

When fitted, the kit creates a clean and tidy appearance to the engine bay, hiding the unsightly clips and brackets. When painted / hydrodipped to a high standard the curved tops of these covers really shows off the paint finish or hydrodip print and will really make your engine bay stand apart from the rest. 

Fits most Volvo C30 / V50 Petrol variants - Please check the shape of your existing engine bay parts (against those pictured) before purchasing.  Alternatively please send us a photo of your existing parts and we can confirm for you.

The kit includes:

  • Header Tank (Coolant) Cover
  • Battery Cover
  • Fuse Box Cover
  • Fitting Kit

(Airbox Cover and Cap Cover Pictured Not included but available separately)

NB: Please note raw plastic parts may contain manufacturing marks that would be easily removed during the preparation process. These parts are also available fully painted/ hydrodipped to show car standard and ready to fit to your vehicle.

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