Get Inspired With Our Simple, Effective Car Modifications – Part 1

Looking for small, simple to install car modifications that don’t cost the earth but make a difference? Look no further! Even if you've never considered car mods before, we've got some great ideas to get you on your way to giving your car a more individual look.

Upper Brake Light Covers

We offer these covers for a range of Ford, Hyundai and Mazda vehicles in Gloss Black and Deluxe Carbon Fibre Effect finishes.  These parts are a simple way of adding a finishing detail to your vehicle.

Upper Brake Light Covers

Fitment is easy – simply clean down the brake light on the vehicle using a combination of hot soapy water and then an alcohol based cleaner. Gently heat up the (supplied) double sided tape on the back of the part, peel off the backing and stick it onto the vehicle!

View our full range upper brake light covers.

Aerial Base Covers

The factory aerial bases on many Mk2/2.5 Focus & Mk3/4 Mondeo vehicles have started to severely corrode and unfortunately Ford no longer supply the base without the rest of the aerial assembly/antenna array.  The Ford parts retail at over £250 and installation requires removal of the headliner.

Aerial Base Covers

How to fit a replacement aerial base

Our aerial base cover is a significantly more cost-effective way of solving this problem and fitment is as easy as unscrewing the existing aerial mast, placing our cover over the base and re-screwing the mast back in. There is no need to worry about tape sticking to the corroded cover as once the mast is screwed back into place it securely holds the cover in place.

The parts are available in a range of colours and finishes, including ‘Textured OEM’ for the factory look, Gloss Black, Carbon Fibre Effect and more!

View our GPS aerial base covers.

Cup Holder Inserts

These parts are currently available for the Hyundai i30 as well as a range of Ford Fiesta and Focus vehicles with more models coming soon.  Our inserts are a simple and effective way of adding detail to the interior of your vehicle.  

Cup Holder Inserts

These parts are available in Gloss Black however the Ford variants are also offered in our Deluxe Carbon Fibre effect to tie in with the carbon trims that come on some models from the factory.

How to fit cup holder inserts

These parts are either ‘interference fit’ or supplied with double sided tape in which case a quick clean down of the cup holder with hot soapy water and then an alcohol based cleaner is all that is required to stick them in place.

View our range of cup holder inserts

Foot Rest Plates

Currently available for a range of Ford Fiesta, Focus and Puma models as well as Hyundai i20N and i30N vehicles, our 4D Acrylic Foot Rest or “Dead Pedal” plates are a great way to add a splash of colour to your footwell and cover up the dull plastic foot rest or plain carpet.

Foot Rest Plates

How to fit foot rest plates

Made from laser cut acrylic, these pars are supplied with double sided velcro and will stick straight onto carpet (foot rests may require a clean with hot soapy water and then an alcohol based cleaner before sticking them in place).

View our range of foot rest plates

Seat Rail End Covers

Available for a range of Ford Focus, Fiesta and Puma vehicles, are easy to install seat rail end covers are the perfect way to cover up the seat rail ends/bolts which are usually unsightly and on older cars are often rusty.  

Seat Rail End Covers

Whilst most customers choose our Textured ‘OEM’ (factory style) plastic finish to tie-in with the existing interior plastics, the parts are also available in a range of other finishes including Gloss Black and Deluxe Carbon Fibre effect.

How to fit seat rail end covers

As with most of our other parts, fitment is as simple as cleaning the existing seat rail end in line with our supplied instructions, gently heating the supplied double sided tape on the part and sticking the covers down.

View our full range seat rail end covers.

Wiper Arm Bolt Rubber Covers 

Our covers are a great way to cover up the factory rubbers that are often tarnished from a combination of UV light and regular washing/polishing.  These parts are available for the Mazda MX5 NC as well as a wide range of Ford Fiesta, Focus and Puma models.

Wiper Arm Bolt Rubber Covers

Whilst Gloss Black is our most popular selling finish, the parts are also available in a range of other coloured finishes including 20 Ford vehicle paint colours allowing you to add a splash of colour to an otherwise dull area of the vehicle. 

How to fit wiper arm bold rubber covers

For more information, please see our easy fitting guide on YouTube.

See our range of  see our arm bolt rubber covers.