Universal Coin Holder

Lid Finish: Gloss Black Plastic
Sale price£23.95


Have you always got loose change rattling around in your cup holder or on your dash? Look no further than our re-launched coin holder! Designed to fit neatly into one of your cup holders, this little pot will keep your change safe and together.

Available in lots of combinations with or without gel badge logo - please select from drop down menu.  Lids with no badge will be 'domed'.  Lids with badge will be flat with badge recess.

Please note this item has been designed to fit in the circular cup holders within the Fiesta MK7/8 models.

There are many different models that this holder fits because Ford has used a universal part across a lot of its models.  We will be adding to this list but currently the tried and test models are:

  • Mk2 Focus
  • MK3 Focus
  • Mk3.5 Focus (Although it will fit in the adjustable cup holder found in the MK3.5 Focus it may not be as secure and may obstruct the sliding 'door')
  • Mk2 Puma
  • Mk6 Fiesta
  • MK7 Fiesta
  • MK7.5 Fiesta
  • Mk8 Fiesta
  • Corsa E VXR

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