Seat Rail End Covers (Fronts) - Mk3/3.5 Focus

Material: Textured OEM Plastic
Sale price£24.95


Tidy up your interior or add a splash of colour with our set of 4 seat rail end covers (for the front of the seats only). We also sell covers for the side and rear of the seats here.

Available in a range of plastic colours/finishes, these parts can also be painted or hydrodipped to order - please contact us for details.

Please select relevant variant with badge logo if applicable/desired.  See images for badge options.

If badge option is selected, the outer two rail covers will be supplied with a recess/gel badge.

If no badge option is selected, all four rail covers will be supplied with no recess/gel badge.

Please note due to significant demand following product launch these items may take up to 5 working days to be despatched.

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