Proform Engine Bay Dress Up Kit (Painted/Hydrodipped) - Mk7.5 Fiesta

Finish: Moondust Silver (Painted)
Sale price£139.95


Tidy up your engine bay with a Proform Engine Bay Dress Up Kit. These kits are designed to fit over the top of your existing covers and are secured in place using high quality adhesive Velcro, so there is no need to remove your OE covers. 

These covers are professionally painted / hydrodipped in the colour/design of your choice. The covers are manufactured from smooth plastic before being prepped and painted to a show car quality finish. Please choose your option from the drop down list.

When fitted, the kit creates a clean and tidy appearance to the engine bay, hiding the unsightly clips and brackets.

The kit includes:

Please note that if there is an asterisk next to your chosen finish this item will be done to order for you so there may be a delay of up to 10 working days before dispatch.
Please note that if your vehicle has had the coolant tank recall done please contact us before purchasing as we will need to send a different version of our header tank cover. 
 We are also able to change the colour of some of the prints for example if you were looking for a blue lightening then this would be possible as we can change the colour of the base coat. However, this is not always possible with the full colour prints, please get in touch for more details!

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