'Shark Fin' Aerial (Painted / Hydrodipped) - Mk3/3.5 Ford Focus / Mk8 Ford Fiesta

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Transform the look of your Mk3/3.5 Ford Focus, Mk8 Ford Fiesta or Fiat 500 with a stylish 'Shark Fin' aerial that has been professionally painted/hydrodipped in the colour or design of your choice! 

Along with looking the part, it also stops the mast fouling on the spoiler (Mk3/3.5 Focus RS) which can damage the paintwork.

This product replaces your existing mast but fits over the top of the existing base so the vehicle can be returned to standard if required. These fins have a flat bottom to better fit the contours of the the vehicle roof line.

Fits the following models:

  • Mk3/3.5 Ford Focus (all variants)
  • Mk8 Ford Fiesta (all variants except models with shark fin style aerial base, please see photograph)

Please note these will not fit the North America and Canada spec models

NB: Customer reviews suggest no radio issues following fitment, however we cannot guarantee signal reception for customers living in certain locations/distances from transmission towers etc

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