Proform Facelift Slam Panel Ends - MK3.5 Focus

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Here we have a brand new product for the MK3.5 Focus including the ST/RS models. These slam panel ends tidy up the appearance of the area around the rear of the headlight. The kit is universal for cars with or without bonnet gas struts. 

Much thicker than other panels on the market and currently available in our smooth plastic, gloss black plastic, textured plastic for the OEM look and carbon fibre effect plastic. Carbon fibre, gloss black and textured panels are supplied ready to fit to the car.

Fitment is straight forward and takes 15 minutes; no cutting or drilling is required to fit the items. Comes complete with fitting kit and instructions. Fitting video will also be available soon!

The variances in the air conditioning piping has meant that we are offering this product with the option of a hole for the air conditioning pipe. Some of these pipes stick up further than others. If you opt not have the hole, this can result in a small gap (3-4mm) between the front of the headlight and the panel. We appreciate that some people will be happy with a small gap rather than a pipe sticking through slam panel (it looks cleaner without the hole). However, if you would prefer to have the hole we can drill this for you to order, please select this option from the drop down lists.

We can offer these painted or hydrodipped, please contact us for more details -

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