Proform Bonnet Catch Cover (various colours) - MK3/ 3.5 Focus

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A simple and cost effective cover for the MK3/ 3.5 Focus bonnet catch. This item simply slots over the top of your existing Ford part, so there is no need to buy genuine Ford items or risk damaging the brittle clips trying to remove it from the slam panel.

These covers are available in a range of finishes, including an assortment of coloured plastics. The coloured plastic covers have been manufactured from coloured material rather than prepped, painted and lacquered. Please bear in mind before purchasing that these are not perfectly colour matched to the vehicle colours. Alternatively, the covers are available in smooth plastic, which is ready to be painted, and textured OEM plastic. 

We also stock some painted/hydrodipped covers, which are manufactured from smooth plastic before being prepped and painted to a show car quality finish. Please choose your option from the drop down list.

The covers come complete with an adhesive pad and takes seconds to fit.

Please note raw plastic items may contain manufacturing marks which are easily removed when prepping for paint. 

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