Proform Oil Cap Cover (various colours) - MK1 Focus ST170

Finish: Smooth (for Painting)
Sale price£4.95


Tidy up your engine bay with a Proform Oil Cap Cover. This item fits over your existing cap. 

Available in smooth plastic, which comes ready to be prepared, sanded and painted/ hydrodipped, and OEM factory style textured plastic. These covers are now also available in a range of coloured plastics, including our gloss carbon fibre effect plastic. The covers have been manufactured from coloured material rather than prepped, painted and lacquered. Please bear in mind before purchasing that these are not perfectly colour matched to the vehicle colours.

Fits a range of models please compare your oil cap with the images to ensure it is the same shape. This is the only oil cap even resembling this shape available on the Ford models so it if looks similar then this product will fit your car.

We also have a range of other cap covers available please have a look through the Focus parts for these covers but generally Ford use the same coolant cap and brake fluid cap throughout their range.

NB: Please note raw plastic parts may contain manufacturing marks that would be easily removed during the preparation process.

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