Short Aerial Mast - Genuine Ford Mk3.5 Ford Focus / Mk7.5/8 Ford Fiesta

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Improve the look of your vehicle with this genuine Ford short aerial mast, this is the mast that comes fitted as standard to the Mk8 Fiesta and the Mk3.5 Focus but it can also act as great little upgrade to the older Mk7.5 Fiesta.

This is a really subtle modification to replace the much longer factory fitted mast.

 Fits the following models with a 5mm female thread on the aerial base, please check this before ordering:

  • Mk7.5 Fiesta
  • Mk8 Fiesta
  • Mk2.5 Focus DAB Aerial Base (Not Sat Nav)
  • Mk3.5 Focus

Please note this will not fit aerial bases with the male 6mm thread like the older aerials found on the Mk6/7 Fiesta and the Mk2 Focus.

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