Proform Brake Reservoir Cover (various colours) - Fiesta Mk7/7.5 inc ST180

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Here we have a custom brake reservoir cover for the MK7/7.5 Fiesta inc ST180. This cover is quite a subtle modification but have a look below - it does hide that unsightly bottle!

These covers are available in a range of finishes, including an assortment of coloured plastics. The coloured plastic covers have been manufactured from coloured material rather than prepped, painted and lacquered. Please bear in mind before purchasing that these are not perfectly colour matched to the vehicle colours. Alternatively, the covers are available in smooth plastic, which is ready to be painted, and textured OEM plastic. 

Please note that smooth plastic items may contain minor manufacturing marks which can easily be removed during the preparation process.

 Please note that brake fluid is a corrosive substance and will cause damage if it comes into contact with the paint finish. Please take extra care when fitting to wipe any excess fluid from around the cap. Perhaps even remove the cover entirely before having the vehicle serviced. 


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