Proform Engine Cover - MK2 Puma Ecoboost (2020 Variant)

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A brand new product for Ford’s new generation of 1.0 Ecoboost engine which has been carefully thought through to fit neatly over the existing factory cover. This cover is secured using high quality adhesive pads so can easily be removed for servicing and cleaning or should you need to return the vehicle to its factory state. This cover is found on the 2020 Fiesta, Focus and Puma models. If you are unsure if it will fit please get in touch.

Designed primarily for the custom car scene this cover gives you the chance to customise your engine bay without running the risk of ruining your expensive factory cover. No need for all the time posting off your cover etc, these covers simply slot over your factory item. When you have finished it can be removed and sold on. Available in smooth plastic which is ready for final prep and paint.

DIY not for you? Then choose from our range of other coloured plastic items along with our top of the range show car quality hydrodipped or painted finishes.

NB: Please note raw parts (smooth plastic for painting) may contain manufacturing marks that would be easily removed during the preparation process.

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