Proform Coolant Cap Cover (various colours) - MK6/7/8 Ford Fiesta / Mk1/ 2/3/4 Ford Focus

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Tidy up your engine bay with one of our new domed Proform Coolant Cap Covers. Item fits over your existing cap to hide the unsightly mouldings.

Supplied in smooth plastic, the item comes ready to be prepared, sanded and painted/ hydrodipped. Also available in OE style textured plastic, and range of coloured plastics including gloss black plastic and carbon fibre effect plastic. The covers have been manufactured from coloured material rather than prepped, painted and lacquered. Please bear in mind before purchasing that these are not perfectly colour matched to the vehicle colours.

Fits all Mk 6/7/8 Fiesta and Mk 2/3/4 Focus models.

NB: Please note the raw plastic parts may contain manufacturing marks that would be easily removed during the preparation process.

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